Vitamins and Supplements For Cold Sore Relief

If you’ve ever had a cold sore, then you understand how painful and embarrassing these can be. Cold sores aren’t pretty. They usually show up just around the edges of the lips and can last for days or even weeks if left untreated. If you suffer from cold sores often, here are some helpful facts about cold sores and some easy ways to treat them.

What Causes Cold Sores?

The herpes simplex virus, or herpes virus 1, is the primary cause of cold sores. Herpes virus 1 is easily contracted and is present in about 90 percent of adults. Though many people suffer from frequent cold sores, some with the virus do not have outbreaks. Once infected with herpes virus 1, the virus remains in the body for life. Herpes may be dormant in the body for a while and then suddenly become active and cause outbreaks of cold sores.

The herpes virus 1 is very contagious and can be acquired through infected items such as eating utensils, a toothbrush, razors, dishes, towels, etc. It can also be sexually transmitted, even through kissing. Cold sore outbreaks can be triggered by a number of factors: emotional stress, illness, fever, pregnancy, chapped lips, menstruation, excessive sunlight exposure, immune system deficiencies, or other causes.

Cold Sore Treatments


One of the most effective ways to treat cold sores for the long term is to help prevent frequent outbreaks through vitamins and supplements. There are many natural supplements on the market today to strengthen your immune system, such as ImmunaSure, a natural multivitamin that was co-created by Dr. John Sherman. Multivitamins for herpes treatment often have a blend of several natural ingredients and herbs to help give the immune system a boost. A healthy immune system will help to fight the virus and prevent outbreaks. Even if an outbreak occurs, the severity may be lessened simply by keeping your immune system strong.

Once an outbreak of cold sores occurs, there are also products to help relieve the pain of the sores such as Neosporin (R) and many cold sore ointments to help alleviate outbreaks more quickly. During an outbreak, you should avoid citrus foods, salty foods, or other foods that can irritate the cold sores. Keep the sores clean and covered with pain-relieving ointment. Apply ointment at night before bedtime to allow time for healing as you sleep. Also, avoid touching or squeezing the sores, and wash your hands frequently to keep the sores from spreading.

Besides taking vitamins and supplements for immune system strength, be sure to exercise and eat a healthy diet to keep your immune system healthy. Get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water. Avoid excess sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, avoid getting too much sun, especially on the face. Apply sunscreen to your facial skin and even on the lips if possible.

Natural supplements to help lessen and/or prevent cold sore outbreaks are readily available online. You no longer have to suffer and go around worrying about your next possible herpes outbreak. With a stronger immune system, your body will be well equipped to keep your herpes cold sores at bay!