Types of diabetes and symptoms and How to Treat

Diabetes is a disease in which the body can not regulate blood sugar levels, so that the sugar content in the blood is too high. Diabetes affects the way the body handles carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Diabetes can cause serious health effects if left untreated. Blood sugar levels regulated by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas.

Symptoms of Diabetes

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Here are some common symptoms of diabetes.

– Frequent urination
– Frequent thirst
– Experience excessive fatigue
– Increased hunger

In addition, there are some other symptoms of diabetes. Here are some of the symptoms.

– Blurred vision
– Skin infections are difficult to cure
– Gum disorders
– Hair loss

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes consists of two types: type I and type II.

Diabetes Type I
The cause of type I diabetes is the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin.

Diabetes Type II
The cause of type II diabetes is the body’s tissues become resistant to insulin.

Body condition associated with type II diabetes is hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. People suffering from obesity are at risk for type II diabetes.

A person with diabetes, the main thing to note is that the levels of sugar in the blood. Controlling blood sugar is an effort to treat diabetes. To eliminate the complications caused by diabetes, have a healthy diet and exercise. Testing blood sugar can indicate the size of a suitable blood sugar levels. It depends on the age. At a young age assuming not much complication to the suit are 80-120 mg / dl, and in old age is 100 mg / dl.

People with diabetes can improve their condition by way of treatment, choose a suitable diet, proper exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Food fit for people with diabetes are foods that contain nutrients but low in fat and low in calories, like fruits and vegetables.

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