The Cancer Symptoms Often Ignored

Each year, the number of cancer patients in the world will continue to grow. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010 and, in 2005, cancer deaths around the world reached seven million people, 11 million new cases of cancer and 25 million people living with cancer. In fact, the estimated number of cancer patients in the world rose by 300 percent in 2030.

You know, rather than men, women are more prone to suffer from cancer. The reason is because the female hormones are more volatile than men. Thus, detecting and knowing the symptoms early is the best way to keep the cancer from your life.

There are some symptoms of cancer that is often ignored by women, such as the following,

Drastic weight loss
Persistent fever, weight loss drastically and suddenly (over 10 percent of body weight), as well as beyond expectations without a separate effort to watch. Usually this drastic weight loss associated with cancer of the colon, lung, or other digestive organs.

Thrush has not improved
If you have sores or white plaques in the mouth that does not heal, for more than three weeks, consult your doctor immediately. This could be related to the constant irritation that occurs due to teeth misalignment and early symptoms of cancer.

In addition to marking a variety of diseases such as pneumonia, throat, infection, fever can indicate cancer. The American Cancer Society states, fever is one symptom that occurs in the early stage blood cancer, particularly leukemia or lymphoma. Unfortunately, fever occurs when the cancer has spread to other organs.

Tired of excessive
As well as fever, excessive fatigue that does not improve with rest could also be one of the symptoms of cancer. Usually this condition arises after developing cancer, although it can also occur in the early phase as in leukemia or colon cancer.

Bloating, changes in the pattern of bowel movement, and abdominal pain
The condition can be an early symptom of bowel cancer. You may also feel the change in normal bowel pattern, such as diarrhea or constipation, for no apparent reason. Unusual bloating accompanied by abdominal bloating, so often feel full and can not eat should be wary of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Cough will not go away
Cough is always associated with the flu and allergies. However, persistent cough in a period of time, about three or four weeks, must be considered because it can be a symptom of cancer or a sign of other problems, such as chronic lung inflammation.

Unusual pain
With age, the more you feel the aches and pains. The pain constantly and unusual can be a symptom of cancer. What’s more, the pain is not due to injury or illness that never felt before.

Thickening or lump in breast
It is important periodically check the condition of the breast. A lump, thickening, and skin color changes to red should be wary as cancer indications. Itching, peeling skin, or a rash on the breast for weeks also need to beware. Other changes in the skin of the breast, such as swelling, skin drawn into, or contract, must also suspected symptoms.

Those are some symptoms of cancer that is often overlooked. Prevent early, for a healthier life!