Sex Pleasure With Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years. Therefore Yoga is not only good for alternative treatment, breathing exercises, meditation and body work alone.

In the book titled “Sexy Yoga” written by Ellen Barrett, said that with yoga you will not only get the body limber and strong, but you can get a quality sex satisfaction and pleasure.

Blood flow
Lots of yoga movements, as well as benefits. One of these such as the benefits of exercise in general, which can expedite the flow of blood. Some yoga positions can train your pelvic muscles and blood waging on the hips. The more often you train this muscle, your space will be broad and flexible, as it says Becky Jeffers, Director of the Berman Center for Female Sexual Health & Menopause Management of Chicago.

Increase confidence
Yoga teaches you to focus on what is being done. So when you accept yourself, you will know what it takes to enjoy sexual activity with a partner.

Reducing pain
With Yoga can make the muscles more relaxed, especially for the woman you love to exercise run. Because the pelvis and thigh muscles are strained due to exercise may affect pelvic muscle contraction and other movements that result in orgasm that you feel does not reach the maximum point.

There are a number of yoga can be used in sexual life. Yoga movements that open the hips and help tighten the right stimulus to the G-Spot. Maybe you could add the following movements in yoga practice.

Baddha Konasana
To move this one, you are in a sitting position and join the soles of the feet. Then pull both hands toward ankles, relax right knee on the floor, pull your body toward the front until the head touches the feet or as far as you are able. Drag and exhale as much as 10-15 times.

Strengthen Hips
Strengthen key muscle helps you to use and lift your hips off the floor. This movement and sensation in providing full control when you perform the movements of sex.

Push-ups in Early Yoga
In a push-up position, arms extended, hold the stomach when you do move slowly down to the floor. Stop when your torso is 2-3 inches from the floor.