Minerals Vitamins and Supplements for a Longer Healthier Life

As we age our body’s requirements for good health change somewhat. We find we need more of some supplements and perhaps less of others. The average senior citizen will need a daily dose of vitamins minerals and additional supplements developed for the older person in mind. Vitamins can be found in a well balanced diet including all of the food groups but by taking an additional supplemental vitamin each day seniors are assured of getting enough of every vital nutrient the body requires. They benefit most by eating foods fortified with vitamins minerals and supplements like bread, milk, and cereals plus they need to take a daily multivitamin that is designed for their needs.

Foods rich in fiber have proven benefits for seniors

Senior citizens need their roughage and that comes in the form of vegetables and fruits plus whole grain breads and cereals. When they do not get sufficient roughage in the form of fibre in their diet they can develop health problems that may even require hospitalization. Those who cannot get enough fibre through their diet should take a fibre supplement to insure proper elimination.

Daily vitamins ensure healthy seniors

Among the more vital everyday multi vitamins minerals and supplements senior citizens should be taking are the basics including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Vitamin K is sometimes overlooked but it is vital for the clotting factor in blood. Many seniors take a daily blood thinner for health reasons and this can result in too much blood being lost when they are injured. Vitamin K helps by keeping the bleeding process in check. Vitamin A and D are vital for healthy bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments which can be a problem for seniors who do not exercise enough and may develop osteoarthritis and other disorders of the bone and skeletal structure.


Vitamins C and E are antioxidants our body needs

As antioxidants, the value of vitamins C and E cannot be denied. They fight free radicals which tend to starve our body of oxygen and destroy our body at the cellular level. Vitamin C is also valuable for its ability to ward off viruses and flu symptoms. Seniors need to eat a balanced diet filled with fruits, whole grain bread and cereals, and vegetables along with vitamins minerals and valuable supplements each day.

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