Limit Increase Weight Loss While Pregnant

Weight gain during pregnancy is a reasonable condition. But if too much of the increase to 20 kilograms, is it still fair to say?

According to dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, MH, CHt., Weight control consultants from Shape Up Indonesia, weight gain during pregnancy also has its limits. “It is important to maintain weight gain during pregnancy as during breastfeeding, it will be a bigger challenge. Weight loss more likely to go up even more, “he said.

Details of Weight Gain

So that no one make sense of weight gain during pregnancy, here are some guidelines that doctors described Grace.

– Fetal Weight 3.5 kg

– Placental Weight 1 kg

– 1 kg weight amniotic fluid

– Fluid retention Weight 1 kg

– Weight uterus 1 kg

– Blood 1 kg extra weight

– Weight 0.5 kg increase breast

– Backup weight another 2 to 4 kg

– Thus the normal weight gain during pregnancy is 11 to 13 kg per pregnancy.

If the weight up to 20 kg, does not mean the baby is getting bigger. But it reserves its weight is increased.

Where to Get More Weight?

You would ask, why should gain weight so much. Actually there are three stages that require the weight of the mother when pregnant.

The first stage is the first trimester. At this stage, the weight should not be more than 5 kg. At this stage, the nutrients needed for genetic printing process, which is the stage of determining the organs and the appearance of baby begins. Starting from how the eyes, nose and baby face, too vital organs, spine and others.

In the second stage, the weight will skyrocket due to the increment over the placenta and amniotic fluid. This fluid will increase the weight of the mother, in addition to its function as a protector of the baby.

In the third stage or the final stage, the weight has not increased significantly. This stage more organ maturation process just completed. While the baby’s weight has advanced rapidly during the second trimester. Unfortunately, during the third trimester, pregnant women also staked out a variety of risks such as diabetes, and hypertension.

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