Lg Gcf399buq Is A Fridge With Natural Health Facilities

Style, fashion, colour and quality are the few words which are used to applaud high tech refrigerators from the house of LG. A refrigerator is the most important gadget in a house which no one can ignore it. Just think of the kind of life we are living. Do we have enough time to walk up to the nearest grocery store everyday to buy green vegetables? Yes, no one is abundant with ample time. Keeping a branded refrigerator in a home certainly makes our life easy and comfortable.

As the usual smartest company LG brings to its fans the LG gcf399buq, a fridge with its own unique features. It is available in the market in the most enticing silver colour which adds a great style to look. Looking for a health savvy refrigerator then this LG product will definitely be the right choice. It endows enough space for storing more and more edibles. In case of space feature it gives full freedom to many housewives and it sure that there will be no scarcity for space. It can be well judged as its maximum capacity is 315 litres.

The dimensions of the LG gcf399buq are 1896 x 595 x 651 mm. This perfect combination of dimensions gives it a fascinating outlook. As an intelligent buyer one should always check out whether a fridge consumes less electricity or not. LG with its new breed is ready to pass through the hardest energy test at an international level. It has been rated A when it comes to less consumption of energy and giving extra-ordinary services to consumers.

The shelves of the LG gcf399buq are made of adjustable safety glass and on the other hand, the temperature of the whole fridge is controlled by a single thermostat. When folks come in after being exposed to summer heat they will surely enjoy the chilled water from its chilled water dispenser and moreover, they need not to close its door as it is reversible.