Know The Benefits And Risks Exercise Yoga

Many things can be done to sport and relax the body and mind, one option is to do yoga. Yoga is a type of form of exercise that has been known since 3000 years before Christ, and to this day has become a trend of life for many people.

Yoga exercises most emphasis on physical exercise to train muscle tone, but also coached breathing and meditation and relaxation. Exercising will give you the benefits of yoga, which is to increase flexibility, strength, and balance the body.

You certainly want to know what are the benefits that can be obtained from the practice of yoga and the risks that can occur. As described by Dr. Southeast Jeffry Sp.PD, specialist in internal medicine, which was launched by the World Gym, yoga can improve joint flexibility. Yoga includes strain on muscles, joints, ligaments and surrounding tissue. This work simultaneously and relatively safe at all almost all age groups.

Form a more aggressive workout yoga called Ashtanga that muscle strength training. This exercise can strengthen your posture and reduce back pain symptoms. And strengthen abdominal muscles.

The other benefit is the increased capacity of the lungs, which in turn increases stamina while doing other sports. This is because in practice there is a yoga practice deep breathing and relaxation of body and mind.

Although yoga can be termed as a form of exercise that is safe, but not without risk. According to reports from the United States, quite a lot of injuries that occur while doing yoga, among other neck injuries, shoulder, calf to spine. Specific body positions can also increase the risk of bone loss events, high blood pressure, and may endanger pregnancy

As with any other sport, there are several things to consider when you are doing to avoid any risks, namely:

On the pregnant, consult your family physician before starting a yoga class in order to set limits for your safety.

Do not practice yoga without the help of a good instructor.

Know your limits and do not force the body to train excessively.

Start practicing slowly and from the base. Learn how to balance the body before exercise to increase body flexibility.

Do not ever forget to warm up.

Use a comfortable workout clothes for the body.

Feel your own body. If you feel pain or pain in certain parts, stop exercising and consult your doctor.

In addition to the trend of life choice for many people, it seems yoga can be a good way for you to relax the body and mind after struggling with dense activity. Do not forget to also consult a doctor and personal trainer so that you become maximal exercise.