Keep Thoughts to Keep Fresh

Either you work in an office, an entrepreneur, arts workers, or entertainer, a routine in their daily lives continue to demand to always be creative. Surely it is concerned with the ability of the brain to be kept fresh in the search for ideas. Unfortunately, too forcing the brain to work too hard can actually make the burdened mind.

To avoid the burden of thinking that is too heavy, try doing the following to make up your mind to be a little relaxed and fresh.

Not only healthy for the body, exercise can also help you refresh your mind. By getting used to exercise regularly, in addition to reducing the risk of various diseases, blood flow to the brain can make up your mind back fresh

Avoid gadgets
Although often simplify your life, but it was often the gadget actually makes the mind becomes overburdened. Instead, try to avoid the gadget that always accompany you for a while, and move on to other fun activities like gardening or reading a book.

Reduce time watching television
Not only the effect on eye health, spending too much time watching television it will make you more lazy. If feeling lazy attacked, then your creativity will also be decreased.

Nutritious breakfast
Breakfast is important in supporting the activities since the early days. Eating a nutritious breakfast is necessary for the body, especially the brain that often you use it excessively. It helps you get used to eating nutritious foods that are channeled stimulus to the brain the better.

Adequate rest
However, if the body is too tired then the concentration and thinking power of the brain would be reduced. So, do not underestimate the importance of an adequate rest. Get used to have a rest and sleep well, so you can hold back fresh when facing routine every day.

The brain has an important function for the creativity, and the power of thought, so treat them well so you can use it properly.