How to Prevent Influenza Right in Rainy Season

The rainy season will always familiar with the arrival of the flu outbreak. When you start to get a fever, chills, sore throat is sometimes accompanied by coughing, headache, and easy to feel tired, so you might have caught the plague seasonal one.

Flu itself is an infectious disease caused by influenza virus. Typically, the bird flu attack and ruminant animals. The disease is known to spread through the air. In addition, the flu can be transmitted through the feces of animals being infected with influenza virus. However, airborne transmission is claimed to be the way most “powerful” to transmit the flu.

Then, how much potential we can catch the flu? The answer is: very big. Because, there are still many people who prefer to stay out of the house and live day-to-day activities, even though they are exposed to the flu. In a study in the United States, as many as 84 percent of employees chose to remain in office despite being sick. Half of this amount chose not to tell his health to other peers.

To avoid this, you should try to improve the immune system and better maintain your health. Consuming supplements to add mineral substances and vitamins in the body, is also recommended as necessary.

However, what actions can we do to prevent the spread of the flu around the office?

Beware of common objects around

According to some studies, faucet sink, microwave, and keyboard, are the three things that most are loaded with germs. Therefore, it is better for us to start doing a routine “clean-up” on a daily basis.

Always wash hands and other equipment and office supplies on the table, using disinfectant substances. Remember to wash your hands after opening the refrigerator, the microwave, open the door, and use the toilet.

Hand washing

Since childhood, we have been taught to always wash hands before eating. Now, it’s good when you start getting the teachings of parents.

Wash your hands before touching food on the table, reading a magazine in the break room, living room, and after shaking hands with others. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

But one thing to remember: do not be too excessive in terms of hygiene, because you will only be labeled disrespectful and potentially offend others.

Keep hydrated

If you do not have a good sleep quality and stress under constant attack during the work, so it’s good when you start to consider the condition of your body fluids.

Always make a glass of water on your desk. Drink regularly, because it can improve the immune system tends to decline when you are being attacked stress.

Consumption of vitamin

In order to enhance the immune system, it helps if you take vitamin C. Because of this one vitamin can interact directly and help the immune system to work optimally.

In addition to vitamin C, you also should take supplements containing iron. The anti-oxidant it can protect us from premature aging of the skin and muscles of the body. In addition, iron can also help the process of wound healing. Effectiveness of iron in helping the immune system has also been shown in several studies.

Touches dangerous

Avoid touching all parts of the face while you’re at work, because it touches will be the easiest access for harmful bacteria to enter the body’s tissues.

Eyes, nose, and mouth, are the three organs of the body that are most convenient access for bacteria to enter the body. When these bacteria already in the body, the immune system is less well will simply give up and you’ll be attacked by a disease.