Frequency of Sex Affect Career Path

In addition to making you and your partner the more harmonious, sex also has many health benefits. Starting from burning fat, lowering the risk of cancer, prevent heart attacks, relieve pain and much more. In fact, according to a study from the United States, making love can cure acute headache.

But you know, sex can boost one’s career? Here are some of the results of studies that prove that frequent sex can help you get a better career, as summarized from The Huffington Post, Your Tango and Health Review,

Become more creative

A study shows enjoy sex once a week than once a month could provide the same feeling when you got 50 thousand dollars per year. A healthy sex life can also give a lot of promotional work for you. More than 31 percent to more productive, on average, 37 percent of successful sales and three times to become more creative.

Overcoming depression

Dr Arun Ghosh, a sexual health expert at Spire Liverpool Hospital said, orgasm acquired properties similar to if they were taking tranquilizers. Not only that, the hormone endorphin that comes out during sex can reduce stress levels and your mind becomes more positive. Certainly a positive mind helps you cope with the pressure of work.

Adding mental capacity

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam found that sexually active couples who have critical thinking are rarely better than sex. More critical thinking is needed in making a new breakthrough or when looking for a solution to the problem of the company.

Increasing confidence

Sex increases the circulation of oxygen as much as 400 percent, so it makes sense to get better and increase your confidence. In effect, daily activities feels lighter and fun to do.

The more relaxed and happy

Other studies of Albany also prove interesting things about sex. The researchers expressed the joy of sex like juice helps increase the hormone oxytocin in the body. The hormone oxytocin is generated after sex to make the brain become more calm. Sleep will be increasingly deep and restful, which ultimately helped you in the face, as well as a lot of work.

So what are you waiting? Immediately take your partner make love tonight!