Detection of State Health Conditions Through Nails

During this time we may assume that the nail is only one part of the body that does not have a meaningful function. But it turns out nails can be important clues to health.

Yes, if you find a change of color on your nails like a little white, wrinkles or waves, it can be a clue that something is wrong with your body. The problem could be in the heart, lungs, and heart.

Here are some secrets to identify the condition of your body from seeing your nails :

Nail Colour Pale

Nails that are too pale or white color sometimes associated with aging. But it can also be associated with signs of serious diseases such as anemia, heart blockage, heart problems and malnutrition.

Nail Color White

If the nail almost all white with a few black lines, it shows there is a serious problem on your liver like hepatitis.

Nail Color Yellowish

If your nails are yellow, this is associated with a fungal infection. If the infection gets worse then nails are likely to be dislodged. In addition, yellow nails can also be associated with thyroid disease, lung disease, or diabetes.

Nail Color Bluish

This is due to a deficiency of oxygen. In addition it could have been caused by an infection of the lungs, such as pneumonia.

Corrugated Nails

If the surface is corrugated nails, this may be an early sign of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. These changes are usually followed by the condition of the nails that looked brownish red.

Easily cracked or broken nails

Dry, brittle nails are often cracked or broken and this is often associated with thyroid disease. But if it is followed by the yellowish color is caused by a fungal infection.

Swelling of the skin around the nails

If the skin around your nails red and puffy, this is known as inflammation of the nail fold. This may be due to diseases related to lupus or connective tissue.

Black stripe under the nail

If this happens, make sure the checks immediately. This is sometimes caused by melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Nail Biting

It might do you consider as a regular habit, but in some cases it is a sign of nervousness in and continuously. It must be treated immediately, otherwise it can disturb your mental health.

Although changes in the nails is a series of signs on what is happening with your body, but it is not an early sign. In addition, there are many disorders of the nails is not something dangerous. So, do not worry. But it’s good, if you feel there’s something wrong with your nails, Go to the special skin doctor.

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