Damaging Beauty Care Beauty

Later, beauty care becomes mandatory routine. Just look at the flood of beauty treatment methods are trend, ranging from SPA, full-blooded, gold facial, eyebrow embroidery to plastic surgery.

Although not a few of these methods was only offered a moment of beauty, and even endanger health.

However, as no matter, they are still competing to do so. So not too far, we see beauty that turns any health threat:

Whitening cream

Some whitening cream products, contain high levels of mercury. Mercury is used in bleaching creams because they are blocking the production of melanin pigment. High levels of mercury is also found in soaps, lotions, and anti aging products. Though mercury is very dangerous to health. These compounds can damage the kidneys and nervous system, disrupt brain development in unborn babies and toddlers.

In Indonesia, whitening cream products are very salable in the market. Not completely banned, just that you need to be more careful when choosing and buying. Do not let your aim to become more beautiful even threaten health.

Contact lens

Contact lenses that type of circle lenses are contact lenses that make eyes look wider. Products like this one proved to be threatening the health of the eye, according to experts.

If you buy contact lenses without a prescription from an eye specialist, consumers may experience eye problems, and even blindness. It was delivered by Karen Riley from the Food and Drug Administration on the New York Times in 2010. Although not yet FDA approved and sales are still illegal in America, it’s been a lot of contact lenses sold freely on the internet.

Hair straightening products

Some hair straightening products sold containing formalin. Types of compounds used to preserve dead bodies. This compound has the potential to disturb the health of the eyes, nose, and respiratory problems if inhaled.

Hundreds of beauty salons usually offer treatments to straighten hair. If you are also among those who routinely do, make sure you use products free of formaldehyde.

Botox injections

Known popular Botox injections to remove wrinkles on the face. Botox itself is a drug of botulinum toxin type A that makes muscles relax for a few months. The poison was produced from Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that cause botulism, a serious disease that is rarely found.

Although considered safe injections, botox side effects of this are headache, nausea, swelling, and muscle weakness. In 2009, US-FDA approved the use of Botox as a beauty treatment. But they also emphasized the risks that could spread to other body areas. If that happens, someone is going to have trouble swallowing, breathing, until death.


A study says that more and more American teens who do tanning or skin coloring. Though tanning is exposing to UV radiation can damage the skin. In the end, the skin premature aging, burn, to cancer.

Due to the tropical climate, the population of Indonesia, tanning less popular. However, the exposure is too long in the sun also has the same effect as tanning. So, should remain vigilant. May be useful!