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Activity Generating Excitement with Yoga

It was good to start the activity with the body fresh and happy. However, traffic congestion, work piling up, and some other things to make us stress. One alternative is to restore the sagging spirit is by doing yoga. Fun again, according to Yudhi Widyantoro, yoga instructors from Yoga House, Jakarta, as quoted from health ….  Read More

Body and Mind Must be Preserved alignment

Many factors could cause the disease, but we have a little ways to cure them. Modern people having all kinds of diseases. Some are physiological, psychological, and even caused by environmental factors. No matter how skilled a doctor and how many diseases have been cured, he always seems to get a patient who suffered from ….  Read More

More Benefits of Yoga When Befriending

There’s always some reason that we can not focus when doing yoga. Ranging from lazy, tired, until there is no time. In fact, if done focused and routine, yoga has a lot of goodness that are beneficial to the health of body and soul. What to do in order to practice yoga not end in ….  Read More

The Positive Effect of Yoga For Busy

Yoga has been chosen by urbanites as it has a huge effect on health, especially in terms of mental. Density of activity and high stress is one of the main factors increasing numbers of people who do it. Yoga trains the body to increase tolerance for discomfort. In fact, some of his moves are believed ….  Read More

Efficacy of Hidden Yoga for Women

Many people pursue yoga exercises to get the health benefits. However, what are the health benefits that can be obtained with the women doing yoga on a regular basis? Check out the full review, as summarized Oktomagazine for you, below, Increase milk production According to Maternity Nursing Research, Faculty of Nursing, University of Andalas, Padang, ….  Read More

Practical Yoga To Soothe Weary taste in Office

Working long hours at the computer can cause the body stiff and sore. Yudhi Widyantoro, yoga instructors from Yoga House, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This is caused by the body’s reaction to the energy blockages that occur in it. Although relatively normal, this reaction should immediately be controlled so as not to cause prolonged physical ….  Read More

Meditation Can Help Boost Brain Performance

Based on numerous studies, as summarized from the New Epoch Weekly, meditation through eastern cultures proved to have a lot of benefits, especially for brain health. In fact, in order to prove this, the majority of primary and secondary schools in Western countries began diligently practicing this exercise. Similarly, according to Yi-Yuan Tang and Michael ….  Read More

Why Meditation

Meditation is a technique of ‘healthy mind’ or cultivate a mind that has a specific purpose for each individual. Whether it’s to explore the love, controlling the mind and emotions, concentration (concentration) to obtain peace, or other purposes. Why meditation can make us healthier? Journal titled MRI Scanning During Zen Meditation: explain the increased activity ….  Read More

Know The Benefits And Risks Exercise Yoga

Many things can be done to sport and relax the body and mind, one option is to do yoga. Yoga is a type of form of exercise that has been known since 3000 years before Christ, and to this day has become a trend of life for many people. Yoga exercises most emphasis on physical ….  Read More

Ease the process of Childbirth With Yoga

Yoga is very beneficial, including for pregnant women. According to Maria Muzik, professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, put through yoga before delivery to help reduce stress, depression, tension as well as strengthen the mother-infant relationship in the womb. Yoga is done by pregnant women or referred to prenatal yoga is also useful ….  Read More