Body and Mind Must be Preserved alignment

Many factors could cause the disease, but we have a little ways to cure them. Modern people having all kinds of diseases. Some are physiological, psychological, and even caused by environmental factors. No matter how skilled a doctor and how many diseases have been cured, he always seems to get a patient who suffered from a mysterious illness, the disease can not be diagnosed with a doctor.

In such a situation, a doctor will feel like being in a foggy mountain. If he is a doctor of Chinese medicine, despite repeatedly checking meridian patients, applying acupuncture, change recipes, and tried various methods, there is still a possibility of the patient’s health does not improve or even worsen after a few days and weeks.

Faced with such a patient, the doctor kept wondering, what else can he do. She felt helpless and expect other recipes that can be tried. Facing such a situation, the doctor realized that the experience, knowledge, and the rest of his life to exploring the infinite mysteries of nature and the origin of life in the end be a task that can not be resolved.

“Only when a person has a problem, he realized it was too late to learn Tao. Only when a person falls ill, she regretted not keeping good health. “This is a two-line poem by Lu You (1125 – 1210 AD), a famous poet of the Song Dynasty.

This poem reminds us of the different methods used in the ancient Chinese people to maintain their health. According to the ancient text books, there are 3,600 categories of methods to maintain health in the School of Tao, that each category contains over 10 thousand specialized methods. That’s why the ancient Chinese people have a deep knowledge of how to maintain good health, while modern people do not know even when taking nutritional supplements or other ways to balance their own organ function.

Why doctors can not find a useful method for each patient at a fundamental level and allows each patient to get a good health?

When advised to maintain good health, modern people immediately think about taking nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, or exercise such as hiking, cycling and so on. But what about those who can not afford to buy ginseng root or root milkvetch, and do not have time to exercise? Furthermore, as human beings we are not going to remain sick? Furthermore if nutritional supplements are not taken correctly, they can not produce the expected results. In fact in many cases, due to how they consume nutritional supplements, it does not get benefits, even also can shorten the life of a person.

For example, let’s assume the age of the oldest person is 100 years old. Even if someone is lucky enough to live to be 100 years old, he spent nearly half of his life as a child or as a parent. More than half of the remaining time spent sleeping at night or working hard to put food on the table during the day.

After deducting time suffering from pain, suffering from emotional turmoil, struggling in the face of natural disasters or disasters caused by humans, or through various other kinds of suffering life, the average person may only have a few dozen days in his entire adult life to feel truly relaxed, happy and not carry the burden or pain of any kind.

The days without limit before a person is born and after he died. In between the time a person can be limited to just a few years of life, and even then someone will die no more than a few dozen a day when she’s really happy. So what is the meaning of human life? What it takes to live as a person before he be happy?

Time immemorial, people know if they are short-lived and impermanent. They are trying to not violate the basic laws of the universe. What are their basic principles to maintain good health? At a high level they align the principles of heaven and earth, yin and yang. At the secondary level they obey the rules of society and human morality. At low levels they cherish all living beings. It is a basic principle to maintain their health.

If doctors only treat patients at a superficial level by treating the head when the patient says his head hurts and treat foot when the patient says his legs hurt, they can not treat the disease from the root. If the doctors do not tell their patients that define morality is the fundamental way to treat someone, modern medicine will never be able to catch up as new diseases evolve, and the doctor will feel helpless when they can not do much.

There is an ancient Chinese saying, “Keeping one’s morality is as important as maintaining one’s health.” It shows that only when a person holds the high moral principles in his heart, he could be a guy who really knows how to maintain good health.