Asbestos Causes Mesothelioma Cancer

Asbestos is widely used in buildings, such as houses, industrial and other buildings. Asbestos is a good thing to keep the temperature resistance. However, asbestos can cause contamination that can be harmful to health. People who live in a place that used asbestos have a higher risk of cancer, the cancer mesothelioma.

These cancers are associated with exposure to asbestos dust. Mesothelioma is derived from the name of the cell that protects and allows for easy vital organs, like the heart and lungs. Name the cell in question is the mesothelium cells.

Mesothelioma consists of three types, namely pleural mesothelioma, peritoneal mesothelioma and pericardial mesothelioma.

1. Pleural mesothelioma
Mesothelioma is a cancer of the pleural lining of the lungs. Cancer symptoms may include difficulty in breathing, hoarseness, cough, sputum contains blood, weight loss, muscle weakness, pain in the chest and touch sensitivity is reduced.

2. Peritoneal Mesothelioma
Peritoneal Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of the stomach that causes the sufferer to feel nausea, bloating, and bowel movement disorder in swelling in the legs.

3. Pericardial mesothelioma
Pericardial mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of the heart. This type of cancer can be characterized by cough, palpitations and pain in the chest.

Symptoms of mesothelioma may not appear until 30 years from first exposure to asbestos dust. Mesothelioma cancer is usually found in people who are affected by exposure to asbestos dust in a long time. Since the number of industries that use asbestos, people who work in the industry highly vulnerable to mesothelioma cancer.

Esothelioma cancer takes a long time before someone exposed to asbestos exposure are diagnosed with this disease. The diagnosis of cancer can reach up to 30 to 50 years since first exposure to asbestos dust. Symptoms of this cancer is difficult to detect because of symptoms such as pneunomia disease.

Mesothelioma cancer treatment is usually performed by physical examination, CT scan, a body with X-rays, biopsy and MRI. Although classified as severe disease, mesothelioma cancer is one cancer that can be cured.