Any lump Cancer Is Not Well

Breast cancer can affect anyone. Generally occurs in women although some men were attacked as well, both young and old. Breast Cancer in Indonesia has contract about 2 million women and risk of death. Breast cancer is the second most frequent cause of death in Indonesia.

Cancer is a condition that comes from the body tissue cells that grow abnormally so turn into cancer cells. Every normal cells, has the function and certain age. To carry out the functions and maintaining growth, the regularity required. Therefore, each cell requires control form the genetic code from the nucleus. Any damage to the cell nucleus, resulting in loss of control of the body’s cells grow and function disorders.

If left too long, the cancer cells will spread rapidly to all parts of the body that is not affected even earlier. Due fatal cancer is death.

Many ordinary people who rate of cancer as a tumor, but in reality not all tumors become cancerous. The so-called tumor is a lump in certain parts of the abnormal. Tumors were divided into two types: benign and malignant tumors. Well, this is frequently malignant tumor is cancer.

However, when encounter bumps, do not immediately fear that it was cancer. Not necessarily because the lump was cancerous. The best way is to check to see if the lump is benign or malignant tumors.

There are many different types of cancer that is often found in the community such as brain cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, oral cancer or cervical cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and so on.

Suspecting Bumps

“Because cancer is multi factorial, too many causes. To be sure there are mutations in the gene, but why one gene changes from birth until the age of a certain age, no one knows for sure.

For breast cancer, Dida explained that many of the cases in patients with late check themselves to doctors so that they become known cancer stage be perceived already high. This is because most women are afraid that if there is a lump that is on their breasts and needed to have surgery. Because not all lumps in the breast that required surgery and not all lumps in the breast cancer.

There are four types that can cause swelling in the breast that is infectious, metabolic hormonal abnormalities, trauma, and neoplasm (tumor) is benign or malignant.

“That makes the changes to the lump to be cancerous, if it has been through several stages of examination in order to know for sure whether a person is actually breast cancer.

“When I first felt a lump, ideally immediately see all the lines doctor. Including general practitioners should be able to early diagnosis but because there are some cases of general practitioners who are not too familiar, that is kind of late diagnosis.
Here are some factors that increase the risk of breast cancer:

1  Having a family history of cancer of the previous (mother and sister)
2  Frequent chest area radiation (repeated treatment with X-rays)
3  Ever have surgery benign or malignant breast tumors
4 The age of first menstruation is very young and a very late menopause
5  Never a full-term pregnancy
6  Never giving birth
7 First child after age 35
8 Never feed a child
9  Using hormonal contraception
10  Using hormonal therapy after menopause

Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer

* No smoking / avoid secondhand smoke
* Reduce fatty foods
* Many eat fibrous foods
* Eating foods rich in vitamins A and C or colorful vegetables
* Expand fresh food
* Reduce foods preserved, smoked, baked, and fast food
* Do not consume alcohol